15 Cheapest Accelerated Nursing Programs in NY and America

Today, we will go through some of the cheapest accelerated nursing programs in NY and America. This can be a great option for those who need a good education and fast specialization.

Accelerated nursing programs usually take 12-18 months. In order to apply for a few of them, you need to have some medical degree, as this would be kind of expanding the knowledge you already have, or, a second degree. Probably for the good time-education ratio accelerated nursing programs gained much popularity, and therefore, there are around 230 accelerated BSN programs at this moment.

15 Cheapest Accelerated Nursing Programs in NY and America


As we have stated at the beginning, we will be going through the cheapest accelerating nursing programs, regardless of their acceptance rates, easiness/hardness scale, ranking, etc. For these kinds of questions, you can get some answers on 7 Easiest Nursing Schools to Get into in NYC or 12 Easiest Nursing Programs with Highest Acceptance Rates go Get into that we made.

Regarding some less competitive accelerated nursing programs, trends are shifting each year, but in general, universities are reducing places for new applicants, even though there is a shortage of nurses in the whole country! But, some examples of the less competitive universities with nursing programs include Clemson University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, or Northwestern State University, just to name some with a 100% acceptance rates.

Even though we are not ranking accelerated nursing programs by state, we paid attention to the location of some of the universities, emphasizing NY as a preferred location. But, then again, we did not include most private nursing schools in NYC since they certainly are not among the cheapest ones. Nevertheless, you can check out some of them on your own, such as Columbia University, NYU, Helene Fuld College of Nursing or Pace University.

There are, of course, other public institutions ranked among the top in the country regarding 2-year nursing programs in NYC. Such are CUNY Nursing School in NYC, and SUNY accelerated nursing program. Then, there are some good accelerated nursing programs in Long Island, like Adelphi University or Molloy College. All in all, there is plenty of choices. But, which of them are the most affordable?

Our main guidance for the cheapest accelerated nursing programs was Accredited Schools Online and Best Nursing Programs. Then, there were also other places which offered lists of accelerated nursing programs and/or their ranking and affordability. These resources included College Affordability Guide, College Choice, Geriatric Nursing and Nursing Schools Near Me. The prices, of course, vary both for residents and non-residents, therefore we did not make a strict ranking, but we rather offered an estimated range of different prices. And, in the end, we gave an overview of the most affordable ones.

So, let’s check out the cheapest accelerated nursing programs in NY and America.