15 Biggest Travel Companies in the World: When Will They Recover Their 2020 Losses?

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In this article we will list the 15 biggest travel companies in the world. Click to skip ahead and see the 5 Biggest Travel Companies in the World.

Traveling is not only a form of enjoyment, it is also good for your health. Whether a person decides to spend the summer, winter or simply a short weekend break in a foreign country, travel always has a positive effect on the mind and body of a person. Everyone who hears the word travel first thinks of a break from everyday obligations, getting up early and city noise. But a vacation is much more than just a walk down the main street of an unknown city or a visit to a museum. Every time we travel somewhere, we enrich our experiences and learn things that cannot be read in a tourist guide, because a visit to a new city and a new country brings with it getting to know people, their way of life and customs, culinary specialties and all other things that make a nation special and different. Social interaction in an unknown city contributes to relaxation, and acquaintances with new people or locals often turn into friendships, especially nowadays when maintaining contact through social networks is easier than ever.

Travel also has a good effect on the human body and gives excellent results in treating stress and depression, helping to restore energy. The key to happiness has always been hidden in experiences, not in material things. Travel is food for the soul. People love to see and enjoy beautiful things and places. For many, it is enough to go to places they have already visited or to take a short break somewhere in the vicinity. This provides a respite from current preoccupations and gives strength to move on.

You are able to see places that you thought did not exist, learn something about their history, maybe learn a word of a foreign language. Every new place and experience enriches your lives. Today, many things are available online, but learning from the locals the history, how they live, what are the customs, culture and other specifics of a place can allow you to gain new views of the world. Traveling can also be seen as a challenge for several reasons, starting with not knowing the language, eating unfamiliar food and losing the everyday comfort that everyone is used to. Each trip is a new experience by which we break established habits. By overcoming them, we become stronger, more resourceful and more satisfied with ourselves. If you enjoy traveling you might want to consider checking out the 10 Best Places to Visit in USA in February.

Those first experiences in life are always remembered. That first time is always somehow special. Full of uncertainty, thinking about how it will be, where it will be, will everything go according to plan, do we have a plan at all? Because of the excitement caused by adrenaline, we feel alive, and that is why a little extra adrenaline is not a bad idea. Traveling always awakens in us that feeling of the first time. Going to the still unknown, an undiscovered place that we may already know a lot about from various literature or we have heard from others or we know almost nothing about, but we want to see how it is there. There is nothing more beautiful than packing and going in an unknown direction, where a new adventure awaits us! As Mark Twain said – travel is fatal to prejudice, inhumanity and limited perceptions. You may regularly watch the news and what is happening in the world on TV, but only when you go there, on the spot, can you really understand what the problem of that country is, or what is really beautiful there. First-hand experiences are irreplaceable.

It may sound counterintuitive but travel industry managed to grow almost continuously until the coronavirus pandemic. The number of international tourist arrivals worldwide stood at 600 million in 1999, increased to 800 million by 2009, and has been steadily climbing to 1.2 billion through 2019. We don’t have the precise figures for 2020, but it is expected to fall below the 400 million level in 2020 because of the pandemic. US residents cut down their domestic travel by 70% this summer and international travel by 90% for the same reason. Some analysts are so pessimistic that they don’t expect air travel demand to recoup its losses until 2024. We actually disagree. We believe air travel will come back with a vengeance in 2022 because of pent-up demand. That’s probably why travel stocks like Booking Holdings (BKNG) trade near their 52-week highs.

Precisely because everyone loves adventure and travel, travel companies always have a lot of work, so here is a list of 15 biggest travel companies in the world!

15. Omega World Travel

Through more than 45 years Omega World Travel has established a superb record of providing comprehensive domestic and international travel management services to organizations of all types. Omega is one of the largest business travel management companies in the U.S., with $1,47 billion in sales. It has 530 employees. President and CEO of the company is Gloria Bohan. She launched Omega World Travel in 1972 as a small-town storefront travel agency. Today, Omega is the top woman-owned business in the U.S. This company offers comprehensive service configurations to corporations and governments, including technology tools and other travel services and it owns Cruise.com, an online cruise seller, and TravTech, a wholly owned technology company.

Biggest Travel Companies in the World

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