15 Biggest Hotel Chains In The World

The 15 biggest hotel chains in the world offer an enticing cocktail of leisure, vacation and a grandeur that every traveler aspires for. These large hotel chains are known for not only their immaculate services but also an experience befitting royalty. However, if you are ready to experience this luxury and hospitality, you need to shell out a fortune.

Many of the 15 biggest hotel chains in the world are located in the United States. The hospitality industry is posting steady growth worldwide, with Europe and Asia Pacific delivering hotel occupancy rates of over 69%. With a solid global economy and easy booking options on smartphones, there has been a surge in customer spending on leisure and vacations. However, a shift has also been noticed towards budget hotels. While many aspire for a grand vacation, it’s what outside their rooms, in the cities and other sights that holds more interest to them than the inside of their hotel rooms. A decent bed, a shower and of course Wi-Fi is all travelers really need to get by. Many large hotel chains are thus coming up with properties in this category to lure more customers.

The global hotel sector is estimated to have risen to an astounding $550 billion, showing 20% growth from $457 billion in 2011. According to Hotel Technology’s 2016 Lodging Technology Study, 54% of hotels will spend more on technology this year, as guests today expect comprehensive digital services during their stays. Technology is even disrupting the hotel industry, as a Japanese hotel is already using robot staff. The hotel business is a competitive one, with scores of hotels to choose from.

15 Biggest Hotel Chains In The World

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The list of 15 biggest hotel chains in the world on the following pages will give you a fair idea of who the largest are in terms of revenue. While the list is derived from the largest hotels and motels based on revenue as reported by Forbes, we have also looked at trends from all around the globe. For further reading, check out our list of the 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World to Build.