15 Best Personal Finance Blogs for 50 Somethings

Our list of 15 best personal finance blogs for 50 somethings is certainly unique. There isn’t much personal finance material on the web specifically catered to this generation, because not many of them read or write blogs.

But search no longer, we’ve found some of the most popular personal finance blogs just for this age group. Citizens in their fifties deal with money issues not many other generations deal with. Retirement, healthcare, finally becoming debt free, and perhaps paying for college and/or weddings for their children. Some 50 somethings are even beginning to think about how they will divide their finances up in their will, and many are trying their hand at investing. It’s definitely a time when a lot of expertise is required when it comes to how to handle all of those situations best. Where do you even start?

15 Best Personal Finance Blogs for 50 Somethings


With so many financial issues to consider, it’s best to be well informed about at least the basics of handling finances wisely in later life. Or, consider a financial advisor if things just seem too overwhelming. They’ll guide you along the way and keep you well informed about things you need to know. But an additional helpful tool for the financially overwhelmed is personal finance blogs. They’ll set you straight on many issues and help you make informed decisions about your money. And though there aren’t a whole lot of personal finance blogs by 50 somethings in 2017, we found the few there are, as well as the younger bloggers who produce content about money that a 50 something could really benefit from. That’s what you’ll find in the list below.

We utilized a site called Bloglovin’ to rank our blogs. Bloglovin’ is a site that allows blog readers to like, follow and save blogs to their feed, so they’re notified when a new post comes out. We typed all of our blogs into this site and ranked them by a number of followers each blog has. That way, the blog with the highest amount of Bloglovin’ followers appears at the very bottom of this list. We also only ranked blogs that had 20 or more followers, since that seems to be an indication of success and popularity.

Although there’s a whole world of blogs out there, some that haven’t even heard of Bloglovin’, much less established a presence there. Fifty-something bloggers especially may not know about this site, as it generally caters to a younger audience. So remember that while you scan the blogs below. Also, keep in mind that this list generally applies to all seniors over 50. It’s not just for those from ages 50 to 59. These resources will prove helpful to anyone above 50. So if you’re not a regular blog reader, you might want to become one after reading this list. Some of the blogs below even have podcasts associated with their sites, which is another way to glean great financial advice. Many of the blogs on our list came from this list of Financial Blogs You Should Be Reading.

And if you’re a little younger, check out the previous lists in our series including 15 best personal finance blogs for 40 somethings, 15 best personal finance blogs for 30 somethings, and 15 best personal finance blogs for 20 somethings.

Otherwise, here goes! 15 best personal finance blogs for 50 somethings. Get ready to learn a lot about money.