14 Most Hygienic Countries with the Cleanest People in the World

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Prefer to take this year’s vacation in a country that’s not ridden with pollution? Then check out our list of 14 most hygienic countries with the cleanest people in the world.

Environmental issues become more important every year, and they’re constantly sources of political debate and disagreement. But who wouldn’t want to live in, or at least vacation in a country that’s considered one of the cleanest and greenest? No one likes getting gum stuck on the bottom of their shoe every time they walk down the street, or worse, suffering from an endless case of allergies because of highly polluted air.

You’ll be happy to know that in a few countries throughout the world, these problems are the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Not only do they have clean streets and public transportation systems, but their waters are pure, and their air is some of the freshest. They also go to great measures to ensure that the greenest solutions are used for things like waste, sewage, transportation, and harnessing the earth’s natural resources. These countries go beyond recycling and choosing paper and glass over plastic; they truly fight for the health and safety of their people and land.

Most Hygienic Countries with the Cleanest People in the World

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To find these countries, we read cleanest country in the world lists from reputable sources, including CNN’s Top 10 Cleanest Countries of the World, Forbes’s The World’s 10 Cleanest Countries, Country Detail’s Top 10 Most Cleanest Countries in the World, Business Insider’s 13 Most Safe, Cheap and Hygienic Countries in the World to Visit as a Tourist, Insider Monkey’s 16 Cleanest Countries in the World, In Fact Buzz’s Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World, Medium’s the 10 Cleanest Countries in the World, International Man’s The World’s Cleanest Countries, Which Country’s Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World, DGL Project’s Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World 2017, and Travelers Today’s Five Cleanest Countries in the World this 2016 that Every Traveler Will Admire.

With the above lists, we simply gave each country one point every time it was mentioned as one of the cleanest. And since there were so many repeats listed, we were able to come up with an accurate list.

But you should keep in mind a few things before reading. Even though the methodology for the lists above is sound (data is mostly based on each country’s EPI or Environmental Performance Index), it is speaking generally. Yes, there are countries on this list that are far from the first world, and no doubt parts of them are much cleaner than others. So if you’ve had a bad experience vacationing in Spain, don’t knock us. It is a bold statement to say that an entire country is completely clean or environmentally friendly, and we’re not saying that these are without fault. They’re just a lot cleaner than all the others.

Also, the title of this list states that the countries on this list also have “the cleanest people in the world.” And while some citizens of these countries may be more environmentally conscious than those in the countries who didn’t make the list, this list does not mean that showers are required daily by law in these countries, or that citizens will be arrested on the spot if they throw a plastic bottle away. Maybe we’ll create a list of countries with the best personal hygiene another day because it’s difficult to keep track of everyone’s hygienic habits. But the general cleanliness status of their country is a good indicator that citizens are overall proactive. So don’t worry. These aren’t likely to be the countries with worst personal hygiene, either. Speaking of personal hygiene, if you are wondering who is the dirtiest person in the world, check out the story about Amou Haji, an 81-year-old man from Iran who hasn’t taken a bath in over 60 years. On the contrary, to find information about the world’s cleanest person was not as easy, but still, the story about the most organized man in the world is definitely worth reading.

And if you’d like to know about more of the world’s environmentally friendly places, see our list of cities with the cleanest air in the world.

Here is our list of 14 most hygienic countries with the cleanest people in the world. And if you’re also wondering what the world’s most hygienic race is, this list may provide the answer to that as well. Hope you enjoy!

14. The Czech Republic

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Since 1990, the Czech Republic has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by over 30%,” says Economist.

Most Hygienic Countries with the Cleanest People in the World

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