14 Most Expensive Piaget Watches

The 14 most expensive Piaget watches have a combined worth of nearly 3 million dollars. In other words, for just 14 watches, you could buy an oceanfront mansion in Malibu. That spells extravagance. However, these watches are not ordinary watches. While ordinary Piaget watches are a class unto their own, these watches are beyond even that.

George Piaget founded the company back in 1874, and over the course of nearly 150 years, the brand has come to define Swiss class and luxury. In fact, it recently earned the sixth position in the most prestigious jewellery brand list ranked by The Luxury Institute.

Prometheus72 / Shutterstock.com

Prometheus72 / Shutterstock.com

Initially, the company only produced pocket watches, but in 1911, they shifted the focus to producing wrist watches, and the rest, as they say, is history. The brand has since won several ‘Watch of the Year’ awards. If you are interested in expensive watches from other brands, you can discover most expensive Longines watches.

In our attempt to trace the most expensive Piaget watcheswe conducted extensive research, which includes scouring auctions conducted by prestigious auction houses, such as Sothebys and Christies and selected watches which cost over $100,000, or more than the price of a brand new Mercedez Benz.

14. Piaget Lady’s Oval Bracelet Watch

Price of watch: $102,768

Designed for the ladies who wish to show their wealth, the Oval Bracelet Watch is encrusted with 19 jewels, while featuring a gorgeous diamond dial. Furthermore, the watch comes in an 18k gold case while the bezel in the watch features diamonds as well. The watch also has a bracelet which features not just 15 carat rubies but 18 carat diamonds as well.