13 Jobs That Have Weekends Off for College Students

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Admit it, everybody likes being free during weekends, especially if you are combining study and work, and with our list of jobs that have weekends off for college students, you can see that there is a hope!

Flexible jobs for college students are something that students really strive to find while they study, and flexibility actually relates to working hours in most of the cases. So, when you say “flexible jobs,” it usually refers to jobs that can be done part-time, online, or in any other way that can allow you to study and attend at least some of your mandatory lectures. If you read our list of best flexible highest paying part time jobs for college students in 2017, you will see that possibilities are actually numerous. The list of jobs for college students has been increasing year by year, as there are more and more students who choose to work and study together. Amazingly, there are also some jobs that include some other amusing things, such as traveling for example. So, if you read our list of best part-time jobs with tuition or travel benefits, you will realize that many companies offer exactly this and that you can certainly find the one that suits you best.

13 Jobs that Have Weekends Off for College Students


Among many job opportunities, there are also some easy jobs for college students online, and due to the lack of time and the fact that you can work literally whenever you manage, many students actually decide for them. Online jobs may include online teaching, freelance writing, or maybe some IT jobs for students with such knowledge. The best thing is that among these part time jobs for college students at home you may also find some jobs for college students with no experience, so you don’t need to worry about that. Additionally, there is also a general list of best part time jobs with weekends off, but I am sure that among the presented options, there must be some best paying part time jobs for college students as well. Also, since all of the jobs are part time, some of them can definitely be taken into consideration as best part time jobs for high school students, too.

Apart from our Insider Monkey Lists archive, very useful for the purpose of creating this list of jobs that have weekends off for college students were websites such as SheKnows and LocalWise. They presented some of the amazing job opportunities for college students, and it was an easy job to single out all those that do not require working during weekends. Of course, the final classification was made according to the hourly wage that was checked on PayScale. The list is starting off with the least paid job.

So, let us see the list of jobs that have weekends off for college students.

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