13 Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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If you are looking for the highest-paying part-time jobs for college students, you’re on the right page. Whether you need extra money for allowance, trying to pay off student debts, or trying to hone your professional skills while still in college, landing a part-time job is a sweet deal! Getting a part-time job is one of the best ways to utilize your time.

In an Edvisors survey conducted in 2016, 64% of college students run out of money before a semester end. That’s 2/3 of the college student population. In a 2018 report, a whopping 81% of part-time students were employed. At least 40% of college students work a minimum of 30 hours a week.

Why get a part-time job? First, there’s no pressure for you to lock-in a 9 to 5 schedule. Second, who wouldn’t say no to a job that pays at least $20 an hour? With the crisis, we are dealing with right now due to COVID-19, every penny counts. College students need to save money to pay student debts little by little. Next, there’s not much commitment at work unlike a full-time job wherein most would find themselves stressed over deadlines, workloads, and tasks they would even try to finish outside office hours.

Plus, working a job related to your career that you’re working on in college gives you relevant experience. This gives you an edge in applying to entry-level jobs in your career field. It saves you time in the application as well. Also, in the early times of your career, a part-time job gives you the responsibility to be a better professional with your assignments. Nonetheless, working a part-time job didn’t hurt anyone in college if you are able to manage your time properly.

We put together a list of the highest-paying part-time jobs for college students. We mainly based our listings on the average hourly wage from the data of the Bureau of Labor Satistics. Is there any requirement to apply? If you have a basic skill in writing, editing videos, typing, or even recording audio, you already have a chance of getting hired today. Some employers can provide you a short training before you start your job. The part-time jobs listed on our list don’t require you a degree and hence, are suitable for college students. We have also limited our findings to the jobs that can be done remotely. Since the restrictions under government-mandated lockdowns, online part-time jobs are the most suitable for college students since there’s no need to be onsite to perform the job. If you are looking for onsite jobs, you may refer to the 10 best paying outdoor summer jobs for college students. Most importantly, we included part-time jobs on our list that are not very demanding of the working hours. Since college students need time to attend classes, work on their assignments, or even write their thesis. In this way, we can list down the 13 highest-paying part-time jobs for college students. No experience at all but want to start a side hustle? Read on our 11 online summer jobs for college students with no experience.

The number of employees working remotely increased from 17% to 44% due to work restrictions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Between the years 2005-2017, the number of remote workers increased 159% in the U.S. Today, the number of U.S. remote workers is at 4.7 million or 3.4% of the population. There’s a growing number of employers choosing to offer remote work than the traditional office-based jobs as it is cost-effective, efficient, and workforce satisfaction is soaring high while working from home. In 2028, it is expected that 78% of all departments will have remote workers. 

Most of the part-time jobs for college students on our list have an average hourly rate of $15. On a similar note, the 20 highest paying part-time jobs for college students had a starting hourly wage at $5. College students’ schedules may be compact as transitioning to online school due to COVID-19 so the part-time jobs listed in our article are freelance. 

Now that you have the perks and numbers of working a part-time job, here’s our list of the highest-paying part-time jobs for college students:

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