13 Highest Paying Countries for Dentists

These 13 highest paying countries for dentists are definitely places to consider working at. As you may or may not be aware of, there are just some places in the world that provide better compensation for your job. We easily learn about places that pay better and more through the internet, and this fact is true for a lot of careers today. This is even more prevalent in the medical field. There are some countries in the world that really care about their dental health and are willing to pay highly for experts from around the world. It’s no wonder that the dentists here find the monetary gains of work satisfying.

Highest Paying Countries for Dentists


You may find similarities in these high salaries for other professions as well. These countries are generally known to pay very well in salaries overall.  This is something you’ll notice in our list of 15 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses. Despite these salaries you should also be aware of facts like costs of living, taxes and the like. So despite the numbers you may see here, you may opt for other countries in this list if the standard of living there is something that you feel uneasy with.

This list is ranked just based on the average annual salary dentists receive in the country. You may already know or be familiar with the quality of pay some of these countries provide. Whatever the case, let’s start to explore these 13 highest paying countries for dentists:

13. Britain

Average Annual Salary: $57,500

Salaries for dentists are quite high in Britain, so much so that there has been a lot of debate on whether or not salaries should really be that high. This is especially true for top earners who have said to rival the Prime Minister’s pay.

Highest Paying Countries for Dentists