13 Biggest Companies That Hire Felons

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These 13 biggest companies that hire felons give us a whole new perspective about life after being behind bars. With a complex society, the convicted will tend to detach themselves. How much worse for those convicted of a felony? If you can’t contain your curiosity on what companies made it to the top 5, click away to the 5 biggest companies that hire felons.   

Competition is everywhere. Some people convince themselves that they are just living the way they see fit. However, we can never avoid competition, and there will always be those type of people who think everything is all about winning. Being insensitive affects the people who are fighting their demons and trying to get a better disposition in life. There are a lot of inspirational quotes and messages going around social media to ease the panic most of us go through this pandemic. Among these quotes, there is this famous line, “We are all on the same boat”. I hate to break the bubble; we are never on the same boat. The US leads the territories with the most billionaires with 614 of them in 2020, and despite losing his divorce settlement of $36 billion worth of his Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) stock, still, Jeff Bezos claimed the top spot of the world’s richest in 2020. You see, people who run in the same circle with the billionaires never have to worry about finances to have a meal three times a day. However, people from the middle class and lower class have to go through their day to day battles to bring food on the table. More so, the ones who belong to the poverty line have to strive to survive even without the basic needs. If you get the picture, law-abiding citizens get their fair share of bumps along the way. How hard can it get for someone convicted of a felony? 

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For someone who has zero experience with incarceration, we will never know the feeling of life in prison and after prison. Yes, empathy is there but do we know anything about their struggles? The US holds 2.12 million people who committed various crimes, and each inmate has their story, maybe because of a troubled childhood or that desperation to make it through the day. Life behind bars runs on a scheduled basis, waking hour, time to eat, and all other activities. Programs are also available to prepare them for life outside the prison cell when it is time for them to utilize that second shot at life. The adjustment outside the bars depends on the period being behind it, especially for those convicted with a felony who are the ones taking up much time behind bars. Also, that determination to start anew will be a motivational drive to make decent money for a living. It will be overwhelming to take the first step to get on track. It will be frustrating for them to see that things are not the same before they got locked in jail, so they will need all the support they can get. It will not come easy, and discrimination will always say hello at any time of the day. However, these are not reasons to revert to old ways and hang with old friends that brought you behind bars.

A person who got out of jail is not up for the competition. They are up for the chance and acceptance that the crime they committed is way in the past. To make a living means getting a job, a legal and decent one. There are plenty of choices, but our list of biggest companies that hire felons is a perfect start in which companies to look for a job. Apply for jobs widely to both local employers and big companies. Know which job will most likely hire a felon and also fits your capability and skills. As mentioned in our previous list of 10 biggest companies that hire felons, the Ban the Box and Fair Chance Pledge is a campaign to hire ex-convicts. Stated also are industries which provide higher chance ex-offenders in rebooting their life. We have Sodexo (SW.PA), McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD), and Starbucks (NASDAQGS:SBUX), to mention a few. The aim of these campaigns is for applicants with criminal records to maximize showing off their qualifications. It also lessens discrimination towards ex-offenders, higher chance to get hired, and lesser possibility for them to re-offend. However, various insights about Ban the Box and Fair Chance Pledge are stirring up public opinion. Some see it as a positive move to help an ex-offender while some see it ineffective. Hiring a felon is at the discretion of the employer, and digging into records is inevitable. 

Since we are going to list the biggest companies that hire felons, we need to find out which companies belong to this group. Forbes Global 2000 published The World’s Largest Public Companies for 2020, though felony-friendly jobs are not available in some companies in the list. While recovering from a minute-shock upon seeing the data, the priority is companies under Fair Chance Pledge and Ban the BoxObama White House Archives consist of companies that signed the Fair Chance Pledge. We also got hold of companies with a history of hiring felons from an online community Jail to Job and job search engine Glassdoor where former employees leave an anonymous review to their former companies. It is high time to check which made it to the to our list and using the market value to determine the rank. 


13. Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) 

Market Value – $144.2 Billion 

When it’s all about electric vehicles and clean energy, Tesla, Inc. is the company you are looking for. Felons hired in this company varies from its locations. Tesla also runs a background check, and results vary depending on what state. Once hired, make sure to leave a good impression. If, in any case, you want to change your career, you have an impressive employment record at Tesla. 

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