13 Best Small Lightweight Digital SLR Cameras

Looking for one of the 13 best small lightweight digital SLR cameras? You’ve come to the right page!

You would think that the birth of the smartphone (often equipped with awesome cameras) would be the end of digital SLR cameras. However, photography seems to have found stability, as it looks like digital SLR cameras are here to stay. If you’re one of the many people who have found love in travel photography, you must be interested in knowing about the best small lightweight digital SLR cameras.

A digital SLR camera is a type of camera that uses mirrors to direct light to the viewfinder from the lens. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. There are professional digital SLR cameras used in photo shoots and other photography jobs, which naturally cost more than normal digital cameras. Many decades ago, SLR cameras were only for professional photographers. The popularity of blogs, travel photography, food photography, and even Instagram paved the way for SLR cameras to have more affordable versions.

13 Best Small Lightweight Digital SLR Cameras

People who love to travel need small, lightweight digital SLR cameras. You may be tempted to use your phone instead, which is of course lighter. But even when you have a smartphone that takes great photos, there is still nothing like a digital SLR camera. Case in point – even when a smartphone has really good photo and video capturing quality, the lenses used in professional cameras still outdo them. Because smartphones are generally flat, there is no way (at least for now) for them to use the wide lenses used in SLR cameras. Then again, we should note that because smartphone developers really exert serious effort to improve their camera features, cheaper digital cameras are starting to lose value.

The bottom line is still this: if you compare the latest smartphone camera to the latest digital SLR camera, the latter will always win.

In looking for the 13 best small lightweight digital SLR cameras, we sourced data from these three websites: Expert Reviews, National Geographic, and Tech Radar. We averaged the rankings from the three websites to reach this comprehensive, unbiased list. The DSLR cameras that made it to the list are not ranked in any particular order, since they are all pretty much the same weight. They have different features, yes, but because people have different opinions on the make of the best camera, they can freely choose which of the 13 is the best for them.

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