12 Tips for Successfully Selling on Etsy

Get more and more sales using these 12 tips for successfully selling on Etsy. Etsy has become very popular in recent years and more and more people are signing up to sell products. The website itself has a very generous amount of visitors and it’s no surprise that people are now flocking in. Many have discovered how much some of the stores there are earning. While popularity may be good and all, it also means much more competition and you have to have a bit of strategizing and research to make sure that you come out on top out of the many stores on the website.

Tips for Successfully Selling on Etsy


Etsy itself has recognized this growth and expanded its repertoire. From formerly selling only handmade materials the website has expanded into crafting, mass production, customized products and stores there are acting much like most online stores we see today. You’ll, however, notice that there is a trend among the most popular stores if you check our list of 10 Most Successful Etsy Shops in 2015. The location is also one significant factor as buyers take into account your geographical location and think about the costs of shipping, delivery, taxes, etc.

This list is not ranked by any significant factor as there is nothing that can be truly comparable for each of the tips listed here. You may try to use all of them or incorporate a few and mix your own style and branding. It all depends on your preference. Let’s find out more about what to do with these 12 tips for successfully selling on Etsy:

12. Photography Improvement

With clients and customers being unable to see the product first-hand it’s important to make sure your products stand out from the rest. Read a few tips online on how to improve the quality of shots for objects and invest in a good camera or a photographer for your wares. People searching online really take into account what the object looks like in the picture.

Tips for Successfully Selling on Etsy