12 Popular Science Myths Debunked

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In this day and age, one would think that many popular science myths that are debunked are long behind us. But some of them still persist, despite being exposed like false over and over again.

From dead people needing mani-pedi to black holes, there are plenty of science myths that we hear almost on daily basis. Some of them are passed in the family, as undisputable truths, while some we pick up along the way. Some have even been taught in schools. But even though our knowledge of the world increases every day, these myths keep popping up. To make matters worse, we even managed to create a few new ones.

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Some say that human field of knowledge has become so vast that it is impossible for an individual to comprehend it entirely. For instance, how many people living in these best countries in nanotechnology can actually explain what nanotechnology really is? While this is true, it doesn’t justify intellectual laziness so prevalent in our population. With every imaginable information readily available on the Internet, it is hard to believe that people would rather spread myths than check the fact for themselves.

These 12 popular science myths debunked are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more from where these came from. Hopefully, in the future, we would be able to look at them and have a laugh.

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