12 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

We’ve all become so accustomed to web domains in such a manner that we don’t even register them anymore, but one must pay quite a bit of money to own one, and some may even make it up the list of the most expensive domain names ever sold.

Domain names aren’t created randomly; they are created by rules and procedures of the Domain Name System, also known as DNS. These are used by site owners to represent their business or a service they offer or something they are interested in.

12 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

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Each site replaces a numerical combination that no one would be able to remember, at least not with the amount of sites we all visit every day. Domain names are organized in several levels of the DNS root. For instance, at the top of the list are top-level domains, which also include generic top-level domains such as .com, .net, .org and so on, as well as the country code top-level domains, which are the country-specific endings you see on various websites.

Then, there are the second and third-level domain names that are open for reservation, which is done via various domain registrars who intermediate all such actions.

Some website names are sold as such, with the domain alone, no background. Others are sold with a plethora of information, a user database; basically an entire business. For the sake of our list today we only took into consideration the domain-only sales and not those that also included web businesses since those are fully-operating companies that hold more than just a name. For instance, Insurance.com was sold for $35.6 million, but there’s an entire business behind it while LasVegas.com was sold for $90 million, although that’s at the end of a payment plan that’s going to be over in 2040.

For our list, we looked over several resources, including DN Journal and European Domain Centre. Most of these domains were bought years ago and sold when the price was right. After you finish reading this article, don’t forget to check the most visited websites in the world, too. Without further ado, here are the 12 most expensive domain names ever sold.