12 Most Consumed Meats in the World in 2018

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We all have our favorites when it comes to meat, but the 12 most consumed meats in the world in 2018 are obviously the worldwide favorites.

The global livestock sector is growing quicker than other agricultural sectors. Moreover, the meat consumption trend is increasing day by day, and meat production in the world is projected to grow to 465 million tons by the year 2050. In 2011, 297 million tons of meat were produced globally. Furthermore, 70 billion domestic animals are raised for food each year in the world, while six million animals are killed for food every hour. Astonishing numbers, right? There’s more – raising farm animals accounts for roughly 23% of all water use in agriculture.

Most Consumed Meats in the World in 2018


Global meat production statistics pointed out that, between 1977 and 2017, production of meat tripled to around 600 billion pounds whereas the world population grew by 81%. Developed countries consume double the amount of meat consumed in developing countries. People in developing countries consume 70.5 pounds of meat per person on the average (on a yearly basis), compared to 176.3 pounds per person in developed countries. The estimations are that consumption of livestock products will almost double in Africa and South Asia, from 200 kcal per person per day in 2000 to 400 kcal in 2050. If we check out the meat consumption by country 2017 list, the U.S. is the second highest meat consuming nation in the world. The average meat consumption in the US per person is 270 pounds, on a yearly basis. Latest world meat consumption statistics suggest that worldwide per capita meat consumption multiplied from 91 pounds in 2016 to 92 pounds in 2018. The most consumed meat in the world in 2017 was pork, as usual, with 109 million tons produced. Poultry was the second most consumed meat with 101 million tons produced. Poultry production is the quickest growing meat sector, increasing by 4.7 percent in 2017.

To determine the most consumed meats in the world in 2018, we checked out one of the latest FAO’s reports on meat consumption and livestock commodities, as well as OECD’s predictions on the same subject. Once we collected information on the most consumed types of meat worldwide, we ranked them in that manner. You can also take a glance at our previous list of the most consumed meats in the world to examine the meat consumption trends from a couple of years ago. In the end, we simply had to mention the impacts of meat consumption on human health. Almost 11% of deaths in men and 16% of deaths in women worldwide can be attributed to meat consumption. The best prevention is to consume organic, pasture-raised animal meat. That’s definitely healthier than consuming the meat of feedlot animals. So, keep reading, and choose your favorite among 12 most consumed meats in the world in 2018!

12. Horse meat

Millions of tons consumed each year: 0.3

According to Brandon Gaille, a research website, horse meat is consumed in many countries, including Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Spain, Iceland, France, Russia, South American and Southeast Asian countries, as well as China and Japan.

Most Consumed Meats in the World in 2018

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