12 Easy Career Changes that Pay Well

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This list of easy career changes that pay well is meant to help unemployed people, and those who are stuck with hard and low paid jobs. After 2008 Economic crises, many educated employees have lost their jobs. The job market growth that came afterward was mainly driven by the fast development of digital technologies.

Today, the job market is very dynamic. Although the unemployment in the United States at the beginning of 2017, was at its 16-year low, there are still many people who haven’t adapted to the new market trends. Many occupations like postal service clerks, sorters, manual agricultural workers and sewing machine operators are quickly dying out, due to a fast technological advance that brought significant changes into the work process. In future years, these trends will cause a huge turmoil on the job market, and many professionals from postal, textile, agriculture and mining industries will need to shift to the more perspective jobs.

12 Easy Career Changes That Pay Well


Changing your career is not easy, especially if you have only worked in one industry. Although age discrimination is punishable by law, employers are either looking for young interns with no experience, or for more qualified senior experts with work experience and a wide professional skillset. These trends can easily leave you unemployed for a long period. That is why choosing a good occupation change at the critical time is essential for future career success.

We inspected dozens of websites to find both easy and high paying career change opportunities. In the end, we have taken two sources for finding the easiest career changes, the Monster’s Six Quick-Change Careers article, written by Larry Buhl and Brazen’s 7 Careers You Can Switch To Without Earning Another Degree article, written by Annie Favreau. When it comes to the article on Brazen, we agree with Annie Favreau that careers that can be started without obtaining a degree are definitely the easiest ones to start. Still, obtaining a Bachelor or a Master degree will definitely make the career change much easier, and it will drastically increase your starting salary. If you want to learn more about degree prospects, check out our list of the Best Graduate Degrees for a Quick Career Change.

Apart from simplicity, potential earnings are the most important factor you should have in mind when choosing your new career. Some jobs can’t be paid by the hour, which makes them hard to rank. While making our list of easy career changes that pay well, we have used several sources to calculate median pays and rank our list entries. First, we have checked the Bureau of Labor Statistics page for each job on the list. For the career changes that we have found on this platform, we have listed both average annual and average hourly pay. Since some jobs don’t have their page on Bureau of Labor Statistics or this platform simply haven’t collected the information about their expected earnings, we used the information from articles on Monster and Brazen.

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