12 Countries with the Biggest Muslim Population in the World in 2018

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Whether you are looking for the countries with the biggest Muslim population in the world in 2018, because you hate Muslims and wish to avoid those countries, or you are a Muslim and are happy to know all the countries where Muslims are a majority, you’ve come to the right page.

Before we provide you with the Islamic countries list, let’s have a little of a philosophical debate, and share some interesting facts on the topic as well. Starting with the hatred, we mentioned earlier. Some of you may ask – why would anyone in the world hate Muslims? While that is a reasonable question when coming from an open-minded altruistic person, let’s face it – terrorist attacks that have happened in the previous years and are happening often, are one of the reasons for it, and we are all familiar with them. Hence, saying that many people are afraid of or that they dislike Muslims is just stating the obvious, which shouldn’t be confused with justifying it. First of all, we don’t think that hate is the answer to anything, that is one thing. And second of all, we feel that you shouldn’t judge all the people who follow the same religion by the acts that some of them committed. Not only that you can’t judge them, but you can’t think of them as equal. Also, think about it – who are you to judge anyone? But, unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of shallow people, who are guided by prejudices, and that is why many people in the world really do hate Muslims. Enough about hate, what about those people who are afraid of them? With so many terrorist attacks, isn’t their fear justified? Well, it’s hard to have a clear-cut opinion on this topic. It is very sensitive, and we are sure that we have already offended many people with this article, although this was not our intention. Isn’t it hilarious how in this day and age, when “everything” can be seen and is “allowed” (homosexuals, transgenders, same-sex marriages, plastic surgeries, surrogates, cloning, artificial organs, and who knows what), people are so sensitive, and get offended so easily? Everything seems to be hate speech nowadays.

Countries with the Biggest Muslim Population in the World in 2018


To avoid having this article regarded as one, if it isn’t too late, let’s get back to our main topic –  Hindu population in the world. You are probably all aware of the fact that the Muslim population is getting bigger each day, but did you know that Pew Research Center predicts Islam will be the largest religion in the world by 2070?  It is the religion that is more widespread that most of us assume, and according to some studies, it may even become the second largest religion in the US by 2040. The number of Islam adherents is growing at an extremely fast rate. We weren’t able to find data for the Muslim population in world 2016, in terms of how many Muslims in the world 2016, but in 2015 there were 1.8 billion Muslims, making it for 24% of the world population, while in 2010 that number was 1.6 billion. Notice the increase that happened in only 5 years. Can you imagine the change in 30 years from now? If you are interested to read more about those changes, head on to the 10 Countries Where Muslim Population Will Increase the Most by 2050. What is interesting is that the mentioned article doesn’t discuss countries in which Muslims are already a majority. For more info, just check it out. And if you are interested to know which is the largest Muslim country by area, it is Kazakhstan with the land area covering 2.725 million km². According to the most recent data, around 47% of the population in this country are Islam adherents.

In spite of our goodwill and big efforts, we weren’t able to find the newest data on top 10 Muslim powerful countries, meaning we can’t guarantee that our list of countries with the biggest Muslim population in the world in 2018 is completely accurate. So, what did we do to find those Islamic countries names? Well, once again, we’ve relied on Pew Research Center’s study, combining their two lists of countries with the largest Muslim populations in 2010 and in 2050. Yes, we used their predictions, as well. The logic was that the all those countries with the most Islam adherents in 2010, and those which are predicted to be in 2050, have a good chance of being also among the countries with the biggest Muslim population in the world in 2018, or let’s just say – at the moment. So we found it safe to assume that those countries that are on both lists are the ones we are looking for this article. Just for the reference, back in 2010, there were 1.6 billion Islam adherents, and it is predicted that in 2050 there will be 2.8 billion.

Enough with 2050, and to 2010, let’s see which are countries with the largest Muslim population right now, starting with number 12.

12. Afghanistan

According to predictions, in 2050 there will be 72.2 million Islam adherents in Afghanistan, accounting for 2.6% of the world’s Muslim population.

Countries with the Biggest Muslim Population in the World in 2018


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