12 Countries with Highest Wealth Inequality

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The difference between rich and poor can be seen clearly in these 12 countries with highest wealth inequality. When thinking about the financial standing of a country and its people, we often think that rich governments would equate to a generally rich population. That is not the case however as for most countries the differences between the rich and poor are vast. This can be attributed to a number of factors, such as education, corruption, standards of living, etc. It can also be a complex combination of numerous reasons that contribute to the large difference between the incomes of the rich and poor.

We can say that one can never truly achieve equality in terms of finances. As long as we have something to define how wealthy a person is, there will always be people who will have more wealth compared to others. It is a sad truth about the society we live in. You may find that the wealthiest are included in countries that are among the richest and most expensive in the world. Like the ones listed in the 11 Countries with the Highest Standard of Living. One can never truly experience the depth of this inequality unless you’ve been to these countries yourselves.

This list is ranked based on the Gini coefficient. To put it simply, the closer the number is to zero, the more equal the financial standing between rich and poor. No country has ever gone below 30% so we can say that there is always at least a 30% difference between the wealth of the rich and the poor. There are however countries that have not yet been computed with the Gini coefficient so this list can only be accurate up to a point. Let’s find out more as we explore these 12 countries with highest wealth inequality.

12. Belize

Wealth Inequality: 53.1%

Found on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize is the only country in the area with a national language of English. It has the lowest population density in the region but is one of the highest growing populations of the world so far.

Countries with Highest Wealth Inequality


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