12 Biggest and Best Fireworks Displays Around the World

12 biggest and best fireworks displays around the world, are amazing sights to behold, if you are into fireworks that is. Because fireworks naturally go with celebrations of holidays you might be interested in our list of the most celebrated holidays in the world.

Fireworks were invented by Chinese, and were used during religious rituals, with belief that they could scare off evil spirits. It seems that today fireworks work much better against humans. Smoke and dust that contain heavy metals are obviously “great” for humans; and what do you think are leftovers from fireworks if not just that? Barium is poisonous and radioactive, but is great for vivid green colors in fireworks. Want some cancer? Whoops, I mean fireworks. Copper based colors are used for blue fireworks, and they release dioxins, which cause – you guessed it – cancer. Pretty much any color of fireworks has got some of the “healthy” components, including strontium, lithium, aluminum, rubidium and so on. Fireworks are a threat to health, and are especially irritating to those suffering from asthma. Water supply contamination, and acid rain are additional possible “benefits” of fireworks. A study, on Oklahoma lake, showed that within 14 hours after the fireworks, perchlorate levels rose from 24 to more than thousand times the mean baseline value! It took from 20 to 80 days for those concentrations to revert to normal levels.

12 Biggest and Best Fireworks Displays Around the World

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Current world record for the largest firework display, was achieved at the countdown to 2016 by Church of Christ in the Philippines, the fireworks lasted for more than one hour, with 810,904 fireworks.

Some of the sources that we used for the creation of our list are TripHobo, Iexplore, and DynamicFireworks. We’ve chosen those that seem to be mentioned the most, and that made list more diverse in holidays as well as more world wide, and there is no special ranking, though if the data how much pollution each of the events causes was available, we would have used that. Obviously the more the pollution, the better the fireworks. Finally we begin with our list of the biggest and best fireworks displays around the world.