12 Best Tennis Shoes For Women

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You need reliable footwear if you’re going to engage in any meaningful physical activity, especially one that will have you running all around a tennis court, which is why we’ve researched the 12 best tennis shoes for women.

First, to clarify, tennis shoes not only refers to shoes worn for tennis, but is basically another term for sneakers or trainers, depending on what part of the world you’re from. We’re going to take a look at tennis shoes in the literal sense, so tennis players, take note. Tennis is played on a grass, clay, or artificial surface, so your footwear needs to be well-suited to all types of environments.

 12 best tennis shoes for women

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I used to play tennis in high school and I can attest to the fact that footwear is incredibly important. There’s a lot of quick movement that can be tough on your ankles or knees if you’re not careful. Wearing proper shoes can help decrease the risk of injury tremendously. This is true for all sports, to be fair. For example, if you’re doing sprints in track you probably want to wear shoes with spikes to help you grip the track and move better. It’s important to not just settle on any old pair of shoes for whatever sport you want to play.

Tennis requires quick movement and rapid starts and stops, so you need something that fits your feet well and allows you to move with ease. For example, you probably don’t want to wear basketball shoes on the tennis court. It might not go well for you. Support is also important, especially if you have high arches and need something extra so your feet aren’t in pain. I have high arches and I know when I run I have to wear either arch support or have shoes suited to my feet. It helps prevent both foot and ankle injuries. Generally, if you go into a store that specializes in sports shoes they’ll help you get the perfect fit for your needs, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The price is something to keep in mind as well. A lot of tennis shoes can be pretty expensive when you’re looking at brand names and specifications. However, the price is generally indicative of the quality. This is fairly evident on our list of the 11 Most Expensive Tennis Shoes in the World. In order to create a list of the best of the best, we considered the recommendations from various sites such as TennisExpress, and SportConsumer, to name a few. Then, we took the ones that were recommended the most often and checked their rating on Amazon to form our list. 

Lace up and check out our list of the 12 best tennis shoes for women.

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