12 Best Tennis Players With The Fastest Forehand Of All Time

You’re about to get served with the best tennis players with the fastest forehand of all time.

When I played tennis in high school, my only skill was getting angry and throwing the racquet across the court, aside from looking really good in a tennis skirt. I’m not too quick on my feet, nor do I have enough arm strength to hit the ball really hard and look as cool as the players do on TV. I kind of just existed on the team and did my best and got a nice sweatshirt out of the situation. I also got to be excused from class when we had tournaments. That was probably the only benefit in my eyes.

Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock.com

Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock.com

There are a few key moves on the tennis court that one should know in order to try to be a good player. You, of course, need a decent serve, which can be a small bounce and a hit or as much as a spike-like motion where you can practice your loudest tennis grunt. You also should have a pretty solid backhand, even though it’s difficult. I never mastered this move, but I tried really hard so I could look somewhat cool. Mostly you need a good forehand, as that’s the primary thing you’ll be doing on the court. It looks fairly simple and it’s really intuitive, but it takes a lot of strength and power to be accurate and fast.

Quite a few familiar names will appear on this list because many of them were also on our list of the 16 Best Tennis Players Who Have the Best One and Two-Handed Backhand of All Time. If you’re an avid tennis fan, you’ll know a ton of the names here. We used data from the New York Times analysis on the Australian Open. We ranked them according to the maximum speed of the forehand by meters per hour. That was the most effective way for us to see who has the fastest in a given time.

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