12 Best Selling Soft Drinks in the World

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If you like soft drinks you would surely be interested in our list of 12 best selling soft drinks in the world. You might be a great fan of Pepsi and that’s what you see on TV adverts all day, but you would be surprised to know that Pepsi is not the top selling soft drink in the world. It is there in the list but doesn’t hold the top spot. Now when we talk about the best selling soft drinks in the world, the research is not an easy one, primarily because the unit price of all the popular soft drinks differ (not by a large difference but they do). So, simply stating their sales revenue would not give us the correct estimate of the best selling soft drinks in the world.

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What we have done is we have selected a couple of criteria, which we think are the most suitable for creating a list of 12 best selling soft drinks in the world. The first one is the market share that each soft drink captures and the second one is the value of the soft drinks. Market share can be defined as the percentage of the total soft drink market captured by any particular soft drink (this is analyzed in great detail by the Beverage Digest). Similarly, the value of the soft drink refers to how much consumers want a particular product, and in our case it is soft drinks. One of the methods of calculating the value of any brand or product is through “the blind analysis.” Consumers are called to check and taste a number of products; they are not told the name of the product but are asked to decide which one of the products they would favor over the other. In the latest blind analysis, the majority of the people chose Coke over Pepsi. We have used Statista’s ranking of the world’s most valuable soft drinks as our resource in this case.

Before we continue, it is important to define what soft drinks are. Soft drinks are simple artificial drinks that are made from sugar, water, flavors & artificial sweeteners. Soft drinks also include, ready to drink tea & coffee, juice, energy drinks, etc. Some of the drinks in the list are extremely sugary and if you want to know more about those check out our post on the 17 most sugary drinks in the world.

Insider Monkey has picked the top-performing names in both the categories and then averaged out the result to conclude the unique ranking. So, let’s go down to numbers and discover which soft drink is at number 12 on our list of 12 best selling soft drinks in the world.

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