12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders

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Here we are to find out which some award winning science projects for 10th graders are. If you’re out of ideas, we hope that you’ll pick something of the interest for you from the list.

So, you are a fresh high-schooler with huge ambitions, and science is the field you want to try yourself out. That’s great. But before considering award winning science fair projects for high school, you should first get some guidelines for conducting your project.

But if you already have experience from before, with award winning science fair projects for 9th grade, then you can skip this introduction, because you are probably familiar with the topic. But, nevertheless, as the ancient Romans used to say – repetitio est mater studiorum (repetition is the mother of learning) it is not bad idea to go through it once more.

Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders

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Anyway, starting any science fair projects means thinking about it in general, and the first thing is, of course, choosing your field of interest, whether it is any particular field of biology, physics, earth sciences or whatever else. For a winning science project, you should also pay attention to current hot topics in science (if, you are not a genius which can think of something revolutionary, which is not impossible either). Such topics include environmental issues, health issues, resolving problems of pollution, food, but also some things that would make everyday life easier. Now when you have gotten your topic the first thing you should think about is making of a hypothesis: why you are doing this particular thing, why is it important, in which way does it help the science? A good and cogent hypothesis actually helps a lot; both with making your task clear to yourself and making it interesting and clear to the audience.

Next steps include (depending on the topic of course) preparing and making the experiment and/or gathering the data, analysis, and a conclusion or a resulting product in the end. Sounds easy, but it does not necessarily need to be (once again depending on the subject you have chosen). But, no need to worry, that’s why you have here examples of the award  winning science projects for 10th graders that will be your guide for a good experimentation procedure and other steps of your project.

Anyway, from this very short introduction on the basics of scientific research, we go closer to our list. There were plenty of places where we got really interesting ideas on science projects, and the info on which the award winning science fair projects for 10th graders are. These were, among others, Education, Science Project Resources, Julian’s Science Fair, All Science Projects, and  Home Science Tools (psst, if you are too lazy there are some last-minute fair project ideas you can check out on this website). It was a hard choice, in the end, making a proper list for the award winning science projects for 10th graders, but from all the suggestions we have tried to pick the best ones and cover as much scientific fields as possible. But in the end, if you are going to win an award with your project or not, depends mostly on your effort. You can also check 10 Winning Science Fair Projects for High School for high school in general, not only for 10th graders, including 11th grade science fair projects or science fair projects grade 12 for example.

And in the end just one more thing. These 10th grade science fair projects are project examples of already existing ones. Instead of copying them, you should rather use them as guidelines and ideas for something of your own and original. Think about them as an inspiration, and let’s see which those award winning science projects for 10th graders are:

12. What is the better method of learning: reading or listening?

Field: psychology

This is an interesting topic that people often are puzzled about. And in the end, there are opinions that some people are just better at reading and observing while others are better learners by listening. Well, in this project you are going to debunk some myths.

Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders

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