11 Youngest Birth Mothers of All Time

Next time you see a pregnant 17 years-old girl and you start thinking how young she is, remember that she is far older than all of the 11 youngest birth mothers of all time from our list.

Unlike the older times, when girls and boys didn’t become sexually active until their wedding night, nowadays almost every person changes at least a few sexual partners before they find the one to spend their whole life with. Although they are familiar with all sorts of birth controls, they usually neglect those ‘safe-sex’ rules after a few shots. In most cases, nine months later, they end up preparing cribs and waiting for the due date to deliver their first baby.

Mariia Masich/Shutterstock.com

Mariia Masich/Shutterstock.com

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US teen birth rate has luckily decreased from 26.5 to 24.2 in just one year. But this still isn’t enough, especially among Hispanic and non-Hispanic black teens, where the birth rate is still two times bigger than among the non-Hispanic white teens.

An unwritten rule says that there is a specific life circle that everyone has to pass during the life. The first thing on that path is, of course, the primary school, then goes high school, and then college. As you can see, the first part is basically all about the education. After that, you are prepared to make your own life decisions. This means that the first thing you should do after you graduate from college is to find a suitable job and then get married and start your own family. Everything beyond is just taking care of your children, going to retire, take care of your grandchildren for a while and die. But what happens if you miss some step? What if you, for example, decide you don’t want to go to college? We don’t judge since everyone is capable of making their own life decisions, but there are people who are not that flexible about it and they could say that you are making the worse decision of your life.

On the other hand, there are more women nowadays who are chasing their careers without planning any children at all. According to the Wall Street Journal, population growth is slowing down since, even though it has increased a bit with Hispanic women, it decreases every year with white women. Also, the number of the unplanned pregnancies has risen. According to the CDC, the number of unintended pregnancies went to 45%, where 27% were untimed pregnancies and 18% unwanted which lead to increased number of abortions.

One of the biggest difficulties young mothers have after unplanned pregnancy is finding a job. As children require a lot of attention and care, they are very unlikely to have some time for themselves, and they can usually forget about finding some job for the next few years since their working hours as a mom count 24 hours per a day, without any vacation or a day off. But some manage to reorganize their lives by finding one of the 7 Flexible Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms, at least to have some income and gain the working habit.

This ‘’skipping-circle-parts’’ may be strange to some traditionally raised people and you may find yourself being the center of the attention at some family dinners or celebrations. If you find this hard to handle, imagine how hard it would be if you skipped more important steps, like the primary education part. This could happen as well, and we have even 11 proofs of that.

The survey we made by consulting several official and non-official sites gave us enough information to compile the list of 11 youngest birth mothers of all time, especially sites such as MotherHow and Viola and believe it or not, none of them was older than 9 when she held her baby for the first time. So next time your great-aunt starts picking on you for your way of life be free to take out your phone and shut her mouth at least until dessert. We left out unidentified young mothers as well as the ones that delivered stillborn and rated the ones on the list according to the age of delivery. So let’s start counting to 11.