11 Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018

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Do you know which are the worst neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018? Let’s find out together!

By watching a lot of movies about the New York City, I could easily conclude that not every neighborhood there is equally safe for living. There is always a bunch of people who are in a big hurry to get to the work, or they are rushing home. In the metro, there is always a huge mass that is either trying to desperately get into the train or once they are in, fight for the seat. On the other hand, if we take into account movies, there is magically enough space on the streets for occasional car racing and police chases. My opinion is that this is possible just on the screen, even if we take into account some of the less crowded cities. However, some people really enjoy that type of vibrant cities. It is because they like the fuss and the action, and are not much aware of the negative sides. That’s where we come in to ruin their (your) dreams about the “City That Never Sleeps” by telling you all about the neighborhoods to avoid in Brooklyn and Manhattan! Still with us?

Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018


First of all, you must be aware of the high crime rate in NYC. For that information, it is useful to check out the NYC crime map by neighborhood that Google prepared. Second, when it comes to bad neighborhoods, the ones that are always mentioned as such are the worst neighborhoods in Bronx and Queens. And what about bad areas of Yonkers? Ok, let’s be honest, they have very high rates of crime  in comparison to the other boroughs. Just, look at the Queens safety map! What’s more, the crime rate is usually connected to the fact that they are among the poorest neighborhoods in NYC. If you don’t believe me, check out the 10 Worst Poorest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City. Besides New York ghetto areas, some of the other neighborhoods that are a bit richer, like Manhattan or Brooklyn, can also be pretty dangerous. For example, according to the Brooklyn crime rate on the Neighborhood Scout, Manhattan Beach is the safest area. But which one is the least safe?

In order to create our list of the worst neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn for this year, we first had to define what is “worst” in this case. Some would argue that it should be the noises on the streets, other lack of parking or too much of the tourists. However, one thing is for sure – I bet they would all agree that a high number of crimes is the worst thing that can happen in one borough. Therefore, we first checked out suggestions on websites such as Thrillist, the Address Report, and Quora, for both Manhattan and Brooklyn’s worst neighborhoods. We singled out those that were repeated most and made a list. Then, we compare that list with the Crime Map of the NYC for this year and the crime safety report from 2011, where neighborhoods are ranked by safety. By comparing the two sources, we realized that they suggest the same neighborhoods to be the worst, which means that the situation in those neighborhoods hasn’t changed much over the years. As the Crime Map has most recent data, we ranked our list in accordance with the red areas and the number of crimes in each neighboorhood. The ranking goes from the safest to the least safe neighborhood in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In addition, we used information from the crime safety report as well, so that you can have a bigger picture.

Ready to find out negative sides of your favorite boroughs? Let’s find out what are the worst neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018.

11. Greenpoint

Number of crimes: 1 419

Greenpoint is a neighborhood in Brooklyn with a large Polish immigrant and Polish-American community. As a result, there is a lot of Polish restaurants, markets, and businesses, and it has often been referred to as “Little Poland.” Not much to do with the nickname, this borough had a lot of problems with burglaries and rapes. Even though the rape rate dropped in comparison to 2010, burglaries are still special characteristic of the area.

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