11 Weird but Successful Business Ideas that Somehow Make Money

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Let the imagination flow as we inspire you with 11 weird but successful business ideas that somehow make money. With so many business options and so many pursuing businesses, it’s not uncommon to find a lot of competitors for the more common businesses and it’s even becoming saturated for some markets for anyone to break through. What most do is they add something that other similar businesses don’t in order to set themselves apart. For others it’s about making businesses out of their passions even if that kind of business has not been tried yet.

For many, it’s about finding something unique, maybe it’s from a passion or a crazy idea. Yet these somehow weird ideas have proven to be successful and even more impressively so, they make a lot of money applying their ideas. If you’re looking for ideas or something to stir up your imagination, then this is your list. You may also want to check out our list of The 7 Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start.

In this list we’ll tackle mystery, romance, nostalgia, murder and many more, hopefully these weird yet somehow inspiring ideas can get your train of thought running and you can create your own successful business idea. You might have even encountered something radical that is not yet on this list. Either way, be sure to read on as we start with number 11:

11. Mystery Auctions

Do you have money? Do you enjoy auctions? How about the mystery of not knowing what you’ll get? Believe it or not an online company for mystery auctions has been gaining attention and traction with a lot of people wanting to invest in something unique they might possibly get from these auctions.


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