11 Tinder Dating Success Stories

These Tinder dating success stories that we’ve collected for you may help you restore your faith in true love. Still skeptical about online dating? Good, then we have a real treat for you, because many couples on our list were just like you, before they got lucky and met their soul mate. Soul mate–perfect match–good partner. It doesn’t matter if you believe in soul mates or not, all that matters is that you have a sincere desire to meet a good person. Yes, it is that simple. And we’ll prove it to you, with these great examples of people getting great relationships through Tinder.

In this day and age, sometimes it seems that finding the right person is harder than it ever was before. For some, online dating apps are a joke and they don’t like them because the way of communicating seems very distanced or for some other reason. Whatever the case, there are many of those who just don’t give dating apps a chance, and we are here to present you with some stories that can maybe convince you otherwise. But remember one thing–it is all about taking a chance. Not only on the app, but also on the person whose image you are seeing, with whom you are starting a conversation or who looks funny on the first date. As we’ve learned on forums from people’s experiences while researching this topic, the most important thing is not to judge too fast, which is nowadays a very common problem and one of the causes of many people ending up alone. Since, with the development of technology, all sorts of information have become available to us, we all feel like we “know it all” (even though googling something is far away from actually knowing something), and some of us are becoming too superficial. But, we are not here to discuss bad influences of technology, or modern age issues in general, we are here actually to present you one of the good things that technology has given us – online dating apps. This time we’ll focus on Tinder as it is one of the most popular apps in the world, with an enormous number of users. This is far from the first time we are writing about this app, so you may want to check out some Funny Tinder Hook Up Stories we covered earlier.

11 Tinder Dating Success Stories

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Back to the main topic – to find some good Tinder dating success stories, we browsed the Internet and found many forums and sites that listed many examples. Although we do believe in love and luck, we were actually surprised to see how many people had success with this online dating platform. And out of so many Tinder love stories, we had a hard time of picking just 11 to present you with. How did we do it? Well, we tried to include everything – from good normal relationships that are unfortunately over, to those that ended up with starting a family. We also included experiences written both by men and women. Why did we include those relationships that are over you ask. Well, because a few normal relationships before you find your perfect someone are just a normal part of dating, and many would consider that successful as well. As we’ve said before, sometimes for some people it is hard to even find someone for a cup a coffee, so a 2-year long relationship that ended on good terms is also a successful story. But, don’t worry, we have even happier examples. We collected them from many personal experiences people posted on Reddit, Quora, from magazines and websites who decided to cover some great love Tinder stories as well, such as the inevitable Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, Brit + Co, to name a few.  If you are, however looking for only “casual” dates or should we say getting laid opportunities, we have also covered that topic already and you can get some useful tips from our article discussing 6 Easiest Ways to Get Laid on Tinder.

Now, without further ado, let’s start with those stories many lonely people on this planet are looking for–here are the most interesting Tinder dating success stories.