11 Saddest States in America

Do you live in one of the saddest states in America? If you do, you may want to move to another state. Just make sure that you choose one of the happiest states in the US. In general, all states in the United States offer a high standard of life, so there are no huge differences. Obviously metropolitan areas offer more variety in terms of food, entertainment, education, and better access to healthcare than the rural areas. However, most states have at least one large city where people can move and enjoy these benefits.

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We all know that sad people are depressed. According to Healthline, 1 in 10 residents of the United States has depression. 80% of them do not get medical help, so they are depressed for much longer, and they have more severe side effects. Most people with the condition are between 45 and 65. Younger adults usually don’t have this condition. A worrying fact is that the number of people, diagnosed with depression is 20% higher, every year!

So, why depression is relevant to ‘’sad states’’? The higher depression rates, a state has, the population is less happy. The real question is – what cause sadness and depression? Well, stress, lack of physical activity, money problems and lack of social activity are the biggest reasons. In order to create you the most accurate list of saddest states in America, we had to use the best sources. In this case, we combined data from Wallet Hub and The Washington Post. We ranked the states according to the well-being rank. The saddest countries have the highest rank.