11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time

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Everyone likes to watch The Simpsons, but did you ever think about which are the 11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time? We’re here to offer the answer.

This show created by Matt Groening is one of the most recognizable and influential sitcoms of all time, and holds the title as the longest running sitcom in America. The show revolves around the Simpson family and their lives in small American town Springfield.

During its run, the show has successfully parodied American lifestyle and culture and had a satirical approach to many important events in recent world history. The show received universal acclaim and is loved in the entire world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Homer Simpson is number one when it comes to 11 Most Loved TV Characters of All Time.

PAISAN HOMHUAN/Shutterstock.com 11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time

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We already said that The Simpsons has had a colossal run. So far 579 episodes have aired, and The Simpsons is in its 27th season and renewed for at least two more. From those 579 which ones are 11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time? To find that out we checked the Wikipedia page that has all the ratings for every season and every episode on its air date in America. After that we checked the ratings for each one and found out 11 Most Watched Simpsons Episodes of All Time. Of course we checked all the sources for the numbers and they cleared out, since they were based on Nielsen ratings and published in USA Today and Entertainment Weekly.

Comparing the numbers it is obvious that The Simpsons recorded a significant fall in the last few years when it comes to number of viewers per season. The last three seasons were the least watched averaging from 5.6 to 6.3 million viewers. The reason could be the lack of new ideas or maybe some people just got tired of The Simpsons. Nonetheless we hope that The Simpsons will carry on and make us laugh for more years to come.

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