11 Most Loved TV Characters of All Time

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How about some palate-cleansing war fuzzies with the 11 most loved TV characters of all time?

We’ve all been in this situation, no matter the genre: Every show has characters that some people love and some people hate. The 10 Most Hated Television Characters of All Time we already brought to you. This topic has launched a billion emails and Facebook debates. But there are also many widely beloved characters. We care so much about our favorite character — we root for him and react viscerally to his setbacks.

But how do you define “most loved”? We combined internet polls and brackets that sussed out the TV characters people love and think are the all-time best: RankerCollege Humor, and Empire Magazine. Apparently people love characters from 20 or even 30 years ago — and animated characters.

We assigned points to characters based on their places on each list, and each character had to appear on two of the three lists to be considered. So, these are the most loved TV Characters of all time we’ve found:

11. Dr. Who, 14 points

In a combined 35 seasons, titular Dr. Who has been played by a dozen different actors, but his time traveling and world-saving never change.

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