11 Most Technologically Advanced Countries In Europe

Europe, known as “the old continent” surely does not match the description in innovation as the 11 most technologically advanced countries in Europe will show you. For a broader view on the degree of technological advancement you could also take a look at our list of the 10 most technologically advanced countries in the world.

Back to Europe, though.The continent is also known as the birthplace of western culture and a great deal of the science we use today. As most of you may know, the industrial revolution started off in the UK in the end of the eighteenth century and then went on to take over the world and shape it as we see it today to a great extent. Technology and advanced engineering was becoming a familiar matter of study for the more advanced European countries in times when some of the leaders we know today either did not exist at all (the USA), or were still in their feudal periods (Japan). However, the two world wars greatly contributed to Europe’s leadership in global technological affairs and crippled the economies of each and every country on the continent for decades. However, nowadays things look a lot better with some of the global leaders in technology and innovation nested on European ground.

The continent also has a very promising and closely observed by everyone interested leading spot in medical technology and innovation. This was recently taken to a controversial extent with an Italian neurosurgeon being the sole candidate for a planned head transplant, an operation the likes of which have never been done before on any being successfully.