11 Most Successful African American Businesses Today

The 11 most successful African American businesses today should be an inspiration to everyone. However, this list aims to show you another way in which stereotypes are invalid and how people of african descent in the USA are still making their contribution towards the country’s economy. Some of you might think to yourselves that people who are bigoted and ignorant enough to dismiss a whole race of human beings based on things which happened centuries ago are a rarity, but reality shows otherwise. In today’s world, Afro-Americans are averagely as successful as any of their white counterparts and some of them own businesses of considerable size and merit, which should not go unnoticed. If you want a place in this list at its next revision, you could start off today with something as little as online retail. Take a look at our list of the 5 most profitable businesses you can start today and become a part of the dynamic, opportunity-rich world of modern business.

In this list you will see the eleven biggest black-owned business as estimated by a research made last year. A lot of them don’t forget their roots as they make an effort to aid people from all minorities with finding work and working in an environment with equal rights and no prejudice. Let’s take a look at them.

11. Fair Oaks Farms L.L.C.

Type of business: Food Services

Fair Oaks Farms L.L.C is a supplier of natural meat products and certain other specialty produce for some of the best restaurants all around the USA. However, they also have the capability to ship out their products all around the world.