11 Most Romantic Songs of All Time

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If you have a tough choice picking the tunes for a dinner with your partner then these most romantic songs of all time will be perfect for the occasion. Of course, you can enjoy them by yourself and get encouraged for a romance.

Music has the power to get us in a certain mood; you just have to make the right choice when it comes to songs you will listen. Let’s go with our initial hypothesis. You are planning a romantic dinner, and have everything set up. Some scented candles on the table, the best piece of clothes, that expensive perfume you put on special occasions, expensive bottle of wine, maybe a rose if you are a guy and expecting a girl. Seems perfect, right?

Well, you mustn’t forget the final touch. Something to fill the silence and create the mood you want. This is where the music kicks in. With a right choice of music, you will create a special moment for your date and yourself. On the other hand, you should avoid these 11 saddest songs of all time at any cost, unless you want to spend your romantic dinner crying.

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If you are single, without a soul mate or someone in mind, then these most romantic songs of all time could push you in the right direction. A little encouragement and inspiration didn’t hurt anyone.

To find our precious romance tool, we embarked on a journey through the suggestions of the internet community. The tastes seem to vary a bit, and unfortunately, people are not so crazy about Barry White like Hollywood movies depict. We choose list from GoodMorningQuote, TheTopTens, SoundCheck, TimeOut and compared them. Every song in top 10 on their list was awarded with points depending on the position. After we had summed up the points into Romantic Count, our list was magically there for you to use it in the case of need.

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