11 Most Profitable Industries in Australia

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If you want to start a business in Australia, then our list of most profitable industries in Australia will sure come in handy. The key point is that money lies in services industry with manufacturing industry slowly declining.

According to the Industry Report made by Australian government,” in 2014–15, the Australian economy produced goods and services valued at $1.6 trillion, was home to more than 2.1 million actively trading businesses and employed over 11.7 million people”.

Most Profitable Industries in Australia


The backbone of country’s economy is made of the service sector. Service industry accounts for 60% of the GDP. There is, however, one interesting fact related to this. Only one-third of these services is provided to households. Other two-thirds of the services are provided to other businesses in order to improve their productivity.

The most important industries for Australia’s economy lay in Business Services. They make almost 20% of all country’s GDP.  Social and Distribution Services, Mining and Construction also play an important part in country’s GDP.

To find out the 11 most profitable industries in Australia, we consulted IBISWorld’s (Australian research company) report on the profitability of industries in Australia for 2015-2016. Industries are ranked according to their Profit Margin.

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