11 Most Popular Websites in India in 2015

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The 11 Most Popular Websites in India in 2015 includes a healthy dose of news and commerce. Thanks to the speed of light fast technology development, the internet is a very important part of life for so many people around the world, and nowadays, people spend a few hours, every day, on e-commerce sites, social networking sites, as well as on many other websites that are designed for social interaction. There they are purchasing, searching for jobs, looking for solutions for their problems, expert opinions and so on.

At the moment, India is on the 3rd place on the list of countries that have the largest Internet user base on the planet. In India alone, at the moment we checked the information, there were 243 million users. With the increasing number of users from India (the number of users increased 19.19%, from the last year), the internet market has allowed the number of Indian websites to increase as well.

Most Popular Websites in India in 2015


In order to rank the most popular internet sites in India, we used the data collected from Alexa and similar web websites (the sites that are considered to be the global pioneers in the world of analytical insight). The websites are ranked based on the number of visits from India within the last 6 months. We have also provided you the information regarding the global ranking, and ranking in India for every site on the list. The Alexa ranking number in India is based on many different factors, and their ranking also includes search engines and many different social media networks, so don’t be confused by that number – since our list contains only websites that are popular in India.

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