11 Most Popular Songs About God

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For the people who believe in him, God is ever present theme even in music and these 11 most popular songs about God are the proof for that.

Almost every religion out there has God as a supreme being and a central figure of people’s faith. God’s characteristics, motivations and conception of God is different for every religion. Also, monotheistic religions have only one God as a supreme being, while polytheistic religions have more than one God.

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When it comes to connection of music with God, there are numerous songs dedicated to Him. For instance, religious songs are all created to praise God and his attributes. In some religions, these songs have even joined the rituals of praying. We are not here to talk about these types of “sacred” songs. Our subject of interest are popular, mainstream songs about God. If you are from America and not interested in these, maybe 11 Most Popular Songs About America will suit you better.

In the popular music God has been a popular recurring theme. From those who wanted to collect point with the religious part of music consumers to ones that found faith along the way and decided to capture it in a song, almost everyone has at least tried to make a song about God. The truth is, not a lot of them managed to be successful and popular. The ones that are were considered for this list of most popular songs about God.

We only deal with numbers and facts, leaving out subjectivity from this. That is the case this time as well. We took this neat collection of songs that feature mentioning the God and run our test on them. It is important to notice that we disqualified the songs that didn’t feature God as a primary or secondary theme. We checked how many YouTube clicks they have and what their chart success was since almost every song was released as a single. Depending on that, we awarded a point to the songs for every million YouTube clicks and points from 100 to 10 for their chart position in their native country. If the song reached number one in some other country, we pitched in extra 10 points for every number one.

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