11 Most Popular Songs About California

California seems to be a popular choice as a song inspiration, but which are the most popular songs about California? We searched for every California song there was and selected the most timeless classics ever created taking a reference from the place.

California is the place where dreams are made. The state has one of the most important cities in the country, from L.A to San Francisco and touching the glamorous streets in Hollywood to the Coats of Long Beach! It is about the glitz and glamour and the melancholy and longing, and the overall charm to make a songwriter out of the best of them!  No wonder when we started to look, there were over hundred songs with the name “California” in the title alone.

However, some songs invariably spring to the mind every time we think of the place. And, every time we listen to them we are transported straight under the spotlight of a warm California sun. They have become synonymous to the city’s vibe, and our mission was to hunt down those exact songs.



So we picked out all the songs about California from Wikipedia, and then ran our litmus test on them! The following was the process – first we rated each song on their Billboard Chart position, assigning 100 points for No.1 position and deducting points accordingly for lower positions. Then we added 10 points each for extra credentials such as RIAA certifications, 20 weeks at the charts and inclusion in the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. We also added an extra 50 for songs that had been covered for more than 10 times in history. And thus came to life our most popular songs about California list.

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Here, take a look!