11 Most Popular Smartphones in the World

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Who among you want to discover the most popular smartphones in the world? Are you planning to buy a new work phone? Can’t get enough of that sexy Android smartphone? You may even have one (or two) of the best and popular smartphones of 2015! Most of us can’t live without posting their meals on Instagram or updating their status on Facebook. People are not satisfied with 32 GB of internal memory. Thirteen-year-olds might even have better smartphones than me. You see geeks can’t wait to get a hold of the new smartphone that offers a 4 GB RAM. A standard smartphone should have an 8 MP of camera specs, at least. Before your movie buff friend buys a new phone, he makes sure it is QHD, so he can stream movies on his phone. It’s funny to think that 20 years ago, we have cube-liked phones. As long as your phone’s antenna is catching a signal, then that’s already more than enough. You’re even popular if you have that Nokia 3310.

Who knows what phones will be abel to do 20 years from now. We made the same list last year, of the 10 most popular cell phones in the world! Do you think any of them made it to our Top Ten picks of today? What could be the top 1 most popular smartphone in the world? Is it an Android smartphone or the fancy smartphone made by Apple?

Let’s all find out the most popular smartphones in the world in the year of 2015!

11. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Price: $729 If you want a reliable phone, computer, tablet in one handset, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the smartphone of your dreams! It has an elegant display screen of 5.7″ with a QHD display. Samsung is known for installing a bright and vibrant feel in their smartphones’ screen. The S pen had its own improvement. Getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will make your friend drool over a fast and stylized beast!


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