11 Most Googled Female Celebrities in the World

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When it comes to female celebrities, many of us will think who is the most famous and the most googled female star, so we created a list of 11 most googled female celebrities in the world.

Celebrities from different aspects of public life, such as acting, music and reality programs, are now more popular than ever, thanks to the internet era. That’s why creating the list was not an easy job to do.

When we search for the female star, it is for several reasons. It could be because you are interested in their fashion style, their latest projects, or their exciting love life. Sometimes, you „google“ a celebrity just to find what are the new rumors about them, what silly and entertaining or even embarrassing thing they have done this time. It is the thing we all do from time to time, admit it or not. Googling a TV or an internet star means that you are a little into them and that you want to know details about their private and public life. It is like you want to be a small part of the “celebrity” game.

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Google is one of the biggest search engines on the Internet, and we used Google statistics as criteria for our list. To obtain the statistics, we used the tool that Google provides for internet advertisers online – the Google Keyword Planner tool. But first, we had to find lists of the most searched celebrities on other search engines – Yahoo and Bing, to know what celebrities to check on Google. Next, we searched for the search volume for the recent period for every female celebrity on both lists and ranked them according to results.

Have you ever wondered how do they rank? Who are the ones whose life is most exciting, whose gossips grabs more attention, and who are the ones most searched on the Internet? If your answer to at least two of three questions with “yes” you should continue reading our list. Before you do, you can take a look at our list of 10 celebrities with the best social media skills, so you can also compare it with their social media influence.

Let’s begin with our list of 11 most googled female celebrities in the world!

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