11 Most Expensive Video Cameras in the World

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Whether you have decided to become a serious filmmaker, or you just want to have an expensive camera to brag about to the rest of the parents at your kid’s birthday, our list of 11 Most expensive video cameras in the world will help you find the one you need. Even though todays mobile phones come equipped with some serious camera lenses that provide amazing quality footage, there is nothing like the feeling of a real firm and heavy video camera in your hands, and once you press that recording button, the Quentin Tarantino and Stiven Spielberg inside you immediately take over. Our list offers some serious cash video gadgets, and when speaking of gadgets, you can also check out our other similar article Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets in the World, and maybe find something there something you didn’t even know you wanted.

 Most Expensive Video Cameras in the World


In order to make a valid list of the most expensive cameras, we had to extensively search every camera manufacturer’s website and find the ones that offered the most expensive ones. In this case, the more money for the camera, the better the quality of the picture is, and even though some are less expensive than others, the common thing for all of them is that they offer a great filming experience. Well, enough talking, it is time to start with the list. We will begin with the least expensive one and walk you through to the most expensive camera available. Enjoy!

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