11 Most Expensive Tropical Fish in the World

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Pet fish owners, collectors and marine life enthusiasts will want to own one of these 11 most expensive tropical fish in the world. Fish are one of the easier pets to own as they don’t cost too much time and money to take care of. They are very low maintenance and most of the time the largest cost you’d need to invest in is an aquarium. Tropical fish are quite popular and gain a lot of attention due to how unique they look. There are some fish in the world that have become expensive due to how rare they are or how hard it is to own one.

Fish like other animals have different breeds and there are so many of them that we discover new species of fish every year. They are not quite as expensive as those listed in the 11 Most Expensive Animals in the World but the ones listed here are costly especially if you want to buy them in multiples. What’s interesting to note is that some fish have specific behaviors when put together in an aquarium. Some fish linger in certain portions of the tank while others don’t necessarily get along with others and are better left isolated.

The fishes listed here are ranked according to how much you’d have to pay to own one. Some of the ones listed here might be fishes you have not heard of yet. Let’s find out more as we go through these 11 most expensive tropical fish in the world:

11. Clarion Angelfish

Named after a small island off the coast of Mexico, these fishes are highly sought after. The Clarion Angelfish cost around $2,500 and are known for their bright and colorful appearance. You’ll have a hard time trying to get one as owning one requires a special permit from the government of Mexico.

Most Expensive Tropical Fish in the World


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