11 Most Expensive Televisions in the World

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The prices in our list of 11 most expensive televisions in the world will certainly blow your mind. There has been a revolution in the television business right after the flat screen technology took over. More and more companies came up with different ideas to make their television stand out in the world. There was a time when 21-inch televisions were considered big. However, that has all changed now. These days, a 45-inch television is present in almost every household. But it is not the size we want to discuss here; it is the staggering prices of these televisions.

Many of us thought that with the advancement in technology, some of the coolest and most expensive gadgets in the world,  things like wearables, Internet of Things, and television would be the kids of the 80’s. It was not to be since TV manufacturers perfectly evolved with time and came out with one masterpiece after another.

Most Expensive Televisions in the World


Mentioned below are some of the most expensive televisions in the world by some famous names in the industry such as Samsung, Sharp and Panasonic. Leading the list is the Stuart Hughes’ Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition. So, without further delay let’s get down to our number eleven…

11. Samsung UN85S9 Framed 3D Smart LED TV

By far one of the largest televisions in the world, Samsung UN8559 3D TV comes with an 85-inch screen with Smart Functionality and Built-in camera. The television is available in the market for $45,000 giving it the 11th spot in our rating.

Most Expensive Televisions In the World

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