11 Most Expensive Schools in the World

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Education is a luxury for these 11 most expensive schools in the world. Many people clamor and debate on increasing tuition fees or free education. There are however some places in the world where money can buy you the best type of learning experience. These schools are known to have some of the most unique subjects, projects, trips and facilities. They have also been known to educate some of the most popular and powerful names in history. It wouldn’t be surprising if these schools were reserved for the upper-class who will pay for the exclusivity and prestige of these institutions.

You’ll find that this list has a lot of similarity to The 10 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the World. The reason for this is that boarding schools tend to be a lot more expensive compared to others as you’ll also pay for boarding during the school year. There hasn’t been much change in the list of expensive schools since there have rarely been any schools built that could match the price tag the schools in this list demand. Reports from different news sources can testify to how unique each school is and how the features and experience will probably be worth the admission.

This list is solely based on how much one will spend for tuition in one school year in these facilities. These may be estimates considering that school fees do change once in a while and schools don’t necessarily update us on how much tuitions cost. Let’s find out more about these 11 most expensive schools in the world:

11. Hurtwood House (England)

Estimated Annual Tuition Fee: $65,000

Hurtwood House is a private sixth form college or what other countries refer to as junior college. Students ages 16-19 with exemplary grades go here to learn and prepare for more advanced educational pursuits. The school was founded in 1970 and has an average of 300 students, with some from different parts of the globe.

 Most Expensive Schools in the World

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