11 Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Maintain in the World ; Obama Has #1

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Most of us don’t just love animals medium rare. But what is rare is people taking into account the cost of owning a pet when weighing the pros and cons of pet ownership. What are the most expensive dog breeds to maintain? Knowing about the 11 Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Maintain in the World would just make you understand how much of a commitment that could be and whether the benefit outweighs the hit it would take on the household budget.

More than 65% of all Americans own and nurture one or other species of pet. Certainly most of us enjoy them outside our own homes – either on some comedy show on TV or at a friend’s place or in park  (think of Mike Tyson and of his Bengal tigers. The movie The Hangover would not have been the same without the plot twist where the main characters of the movie allegedly steal a TIGER). Pets are like family members; they stay with us and help us in maintaining a positive atmosphere in our homes. But the benefits are outside the home as well. Dogs, the oldest known friend of humans, are good companions in every sense. A dog can protect the owner, and the owner’s children. Dogs have helped hunters in bringing down big games. Police dogs help in a big way in keeping our cities safe from bigger threats as well. They have rescued their masters from dire situations like fire and flood, even at times having to sacrifices their own lives. It is only humane that we do our bit for these trusted partners. To understand better about how good companions these pets are, you should go through our article on 11 Biggest Friendliest Dogs in the World

Those of us who do own a pet understand that owning a pet does has an opposity side to its benefits; it also means taking care of these pets. Right from the moment you purchase a dog, there are various costs associated with owning a dog. Today the pet care industry has assumed an important role on a global scale. In the USA itself, the pet industry is estimated to be USD $60.59 Billion, according to the American Pet Product Association. To put this into scale, according to the World Bank, the GDP of Sri Lanka was USD 67.21 Billion in 2013. Maintaining your pet is not just about feeding it well and visiting the vet, it’s about raising it like a family member. There are dog spas for those who can afford it. And then there are events organised for best “dressed” dogs.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Maintain in the World


People are pampering their canines like never before. Celebrities have further glamorised man’s best friend. Paris Hilton has not only glamorised fashion, but she probably made her Chihuahua a global celebrity. These rich and famous people give every luxury available to their pets from food to grooming.  In order to cater to these rich and famous four legged customers, companies are doling out a wide spectrum of products and services.

Such luxury and comfort for the pets requires money. Some dog breeds require more of it than other breeds. There has been a lot of research by enthusiasts and experts alike about the most expensive dog breeds to maintain. In this article we are giving you a rundown of the highest maintenance dog breeds based on certain criteria. If you’re weighing all the aspects of dog ownership, by the end of this article you’ll be equipped with the necessary information when it’s time to decide your next dog breed. If you are going to select any breed from this list, well, that means you’re rich my friend.

The costs associated with owning a dog can be categorised broadly into three categories – food, medical and grooming. They further can be divided into food and supplements, vet costs, vaccines, treats, toys, boarding, etc. By the way, if you are interested in investing a company that will immensely benefit from an increase in medical expenditures on pets, Aratana Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PETX) was recommended by one of our favorite hedge fund managers a couple of years ago (read the details here).

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