11 Most Expensive Clothing Brands For Kids

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What are most expensive clothing brands for kids? Sometimes kids wear their jacket or leggings for a month, because they outgrow them quickly. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look like little angels, does it? I am wondering, would you pay $500 for a coat for a two-year-old? Or even $1300 for a 3-year-old’s jacket?

And why do we spend so much money on clothes? We want to be trendy, look good and differ from 7 billion people on Earth. There are so many luxurious brands you can choose to be your top choice, but we chose 9 most expensive clothing brands in 2015 for you. If you are a faithful fashion lover, you will also choose some of the most beautiful expensive clothing brands for your child. They are not for everyone, as there is a certain percentage of the world population that can afford this stylish clothes.

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How to determine which most expensive clothing brands for kids are, when every piece of wardrobe is different and carries a different price tag? Not to mention how many world-famous clothing brands for kids are there. In order to see who rules the world of fashion for children, we had to check various sources, and among them, we’ve chosen to combine six lists of the most expensive clothing brands for children (Toptencatalog, Imsupermommy, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Babble). We’ve awarded the points to each item on the list with 10 points if it is the most expensive on the list, 9 points if it is in the second most expensive, etc., and then we’ve calculated the overall score for every brand. We assumed that if one brand tops 5-6 lists, that is probably because it is truly the most expensive one overall.  If there was more than one clothing brand with the same overall score, we have placed those brand together, so you can look forward seeing more than just 11 most expensive clothing brands for kids.

Let’s check them out!

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