11 Most Expensive Cities to Visit in Asia in 2015

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Discovering new cities is the best way to learn about the world we live in, and for that purpose, we arranged a list of the 11 most expensive cities to visit in Asia in 2015; for all of you who don’t care about the price when it comes to pleasure.

Traveling can be the best way to experience the world, and there are many exotic places and cities to visit. There isn’t anything in the world that can substitute the feeling of being surrounded by new people and learn about different cultures. Just putting yourself in unknown territories, away from the monotony of everyday life, will expand your views and provide you the satisfaction to remember for a lifetime. For example; try to remember the last time you had lunch with your friends? Maybe it was few weeks ago, or months, you can’t really be sure. But, if you had lunch in one of the Parisian bistros, there is no way that you will forget that experience, even years after. Should we even mention the Great Wall of China and the magnificent history behind its construction? If you stood there on those ancient stones, that day would certainly be remembered for rest of your life. Those sorts of memories become an essential part of our character, firmly strengthening the foundations of our being, making us a wiser and much happier person.

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The whole world can be our playground, and different corners of the globe have their beauties. If Asia isn’t your cup of tea, the most expensive cities to visit in South America in 2015 were previously listed to help you discover that part of the world.

For our today’s subject, we considered several sources from the Web to arrange the list correctly.

Asia is developing fast, and there are many big cities with high prices, so we needed the most relevant data available. We had to combine different reports to create our list, and the published articles by Mercer, Expatistan, and ECA International were a perfect starting point for our research. It is always better to combine more sources so that we can be more precise. On the published references, some cities were mentioned, and some weren’t, so we’ve combined those rankings (their average value), and then used the overall consumer price index, provided by Numbeo, to come up with the final ranking.

Now, let’s see the 11 most expensive cities to visit in Asia in 2015, and if you decide to visit one of the cities from the list- we wish you the best time of your life.

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