11 Most Expensive Cities To Have a Baby in America in 2015

Having a baby is a daunting task even for the most prepared couples – something that is especially true for the 11 most expensive cities to have a baby in America in 2015. Making, having and raising a child will probably be the biggest investment of time, effort and money in your life followed only by getting prepared for and engaging in family life with someone (for more on that check out our list of the 11 most expensive cities to get married in America in 2015.) However, like many other things in our lives, this is something we’ve been subconsciously preparing for – to a certain extent – for all our lives. We played family when we were barely starting to discover the world around us, we nursed dolls and various other toys and many of us have probably taken care of a demanding and highly active pet too. Having a child is nothing like any of these but they do a very good job at giving you a hint of the mindset you will need to develop by the moment your offspring gets out of the oven. Once you stand there, holding the bundle of millions of years of evolution and pooling up of diverse genetic material  that just exited your partner’s body you will know one thing for sure – nothing will ever be the same again.

Albeit an often expected and anticipated one, having a baby is a giant leap in a person’s life, especially in modern times. Our lives have shifted from the good old survive-eat-reproduce-sleep program to the more familiar more-money-and-entertainment one which is highly incompatible with being a full time parent because a child will leech both of those from your life and transform them into dirty diapers and incomprehensible mumble for at least a couple of years. From then on time will seemingly fly until one day the creature that remotely resembled a human seemingly days ago asks you in a well structured sentence why you are not as cool as someone else’s dad/mom.

We all went down that road and most of us will watch our children go down it too. All the “you will know when you have children of your own” you’ve heard will turn from amusing shallow threats to terrifying “I told you so”s. Your life will make a full circle and break apart so it can set the beginning of another circle which will drain and frustrate you out of your vitality but will ultimately leave you with one of the biggest joys in one’s life – children. Let’s take a look at where it’s even more challenging to raise them.