11 Most Annoying Songs of All Time

Get ready to be annoyed with our picks for 11 most annoying songs of all time. Some of you may be annoyed because their favorite songs ended up on the list, and others won’t need a special reason since these songs are indeed pretty much annoying.

There are various things that can make one song annoying. For example, the song is repetitive, has many high notes, changes the rhythm frequently without any solid build up or just doesn’t make any sense. It may not happen to the people who hear it for the first time, but for those who listen to it for several times, these things will become clear.

This is where we encounter the biggest reason why a particular song can be annoying, frequent listening. The songs that turn out to be annoying are often popular and catchy at first. But, over a period of time, people start to get irritated because they hear it everywhere: on the radio, in the club, on TV. Slowly, the song that was great turns out to be your worst nightmare. Of course, if you are a true patriot, no matter how many times you listen to one of these 11 most popular songs about America, they will never become annoying.

To get our list of 11 most annoying songs of all time we checked out lists made by music journalists and voted by the audience. The top 10 entries on lists from What Culture, Yahoo, and Rolling Stone received points based on their position and formed our initial ranking. As extra credit, we used the lists from NY Daily News and MSN, awarding the songs that already entered our ranking with the extra 2 points if they were featured. Get your ear plugs on, we are starting.

11. Harlem Shake – Baauer

Annoying Score: 7

“Do the Harlem Shake!” – It was fun at first, we have to admit. But later, it just got boring and soon very annoying. Your grandmother probably even tried to “do the Harlem Shake” at one point. The song is now buried deep in the “Viral Hits” underground.

10. Muskrat Love – Captain & Tennille

Annoying Score: 8

This song is one of those that annoys as soon as you hear it. Try it for yourself. The vocals are barely sung, and someone thought that it would be a good idea to pitch in the record scratching sounds in the middle of this “barely live” song.

9. Gangnam Style – Psy

Annoying Score: 9

It was a great quest from one South Korean, who embarked on the journey to win over the YouTube. When Gangnam Style, the number 9 in our list of most annoying songs of all time did manage to become the most viewed video on YouTube, hype suddenly stopped. No one is doing the dance anymore, DJs are getting booed if they play it, and the song presents a stain on our society’s music taste.

8. Axl F – Crazy Frog

Annoying Score:  9

Once upon a time,  everyone had to have this song as a ringtone.  Crazy Frog, also known as “the annoying thing” was created by the ringtone maker Jamba! as a promotional stunt, but after it was paired with the song “Axl F”, the world was never the same. The song is particularly annoying because of all high pitched sounds that make your ears bleed.

7. Peanut Butter Jelly Time – Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz

Annoying Score: 10

Before we get to the real heavyweights on our list of 11 most annoying songs of all time, we will remind you on this jewel. Until this date, it still isn’t clear why this song became popular, but we know why it’s so annoying. There is just that many times one can repeat “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” accompanied by an obnoxious music.

6. Barbie Girl – Aqua

Annoying Score: 13

Although most of us still like to sing along to the verse of this extremely popular song, it doesn’t make it less annoying. When the first wave of excitement wears off, there is a bitter taste left. Fun fact: Mattel, manufacturer of Barbie dolls, sued Aqua because of this song, but the case was dismissed.

5. Friday – Rebecca Black

Annoying Score: 14

2,3 million dislikes on the official YouTube video speak for themselves about the overall opinion on this song. Unlike most of our other entries on the list, from the very release, this song was purely popular because it was so bad and annoying. Rebecca couldn’t expect anything else when she took her daddy’s money to record a song about going to school on Friday.

4. Wannabe – Spice Girls

Annoying Score: 14

Girls singing about being good friends and not letting the boys get between them. That can’t be annoying, right? Well, although it was the hit that launched the career of the Spice Girls, it also represents one of their least appreciated works. The people just can’t decide what annoys them the most: the rapping part, the lyrics or the music.

3. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

Annoying Score: 15

James Blunt himself once said that he thinks You’re Beautiful, that ranked 3rd in our list of most annoying songs of all time, became annoying. It was the song that propelled him into popularity, but after a while people figured that it was too smooshy and obnoxious for its own good. Now it annoys anyone who listens to it.

2. Macarena – Los Rios

Annoying Score: 17

While the song is still widely popular, most of the Spaniards are deeply upset that Macarena is one of the most popular ever sung in their native language. And they have every right to be since the song is catchy, but makes no sense. When you look past the catchy parts, you will get the idea why most people find it annoying.

1. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas

Annoying Score: 23

Voted as “the most annoying song ever” by Rolling Stone readers, My Humps also claims the title on our list of 11 most annoying songs of all time. Actually, it doesn’t have many differences compared to other Black Eyed Peas popular songs. They are popular for a while, maybe even entertaining, but later grew to annoy you. The main reasons that make this song annoying are the “no brain” lyrics and repetitive nature of the song.