11 Most Affordable Journalism Schools in the US

The ever present expense of college life for students can be overwhelming, even at the 11 most affordable journalism schools in the US. Students focusing on journalism majors have it especially hard, with many technology expenses and few journalism schools to choose from.

But there are affordable alternatives to spending stacks of cash on college. Just refer to the 7 Most Affordable Ivy League Schools in the US. And just because schools are focused on a particular field, namely journalism, doesn’t mean they have to cost an arm and a leg.

To determine the most affordable journalism schools, we referred to USA Today’s list of Top 10 Schools for Journalism in the US as well as International Student’s Top US Journalism Schools. We researched a variety of journalism and communication-focused schools throughout the country including these and listed them here from most to least expensive.

11 Most Affordable Journalism Schools in the US

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But college tuition and fees can be a tricky business, so remember that the numbers below should be considered rough estimates. We evaluated the tuition costs of graduate degrees, however, special programs and different types of communications degrees often cost different amounts of money. Also, journalism schools often require the purchase of a variety of software such as computer programs and high-end laptops, which we didn’t take into account unless mentioned. We also did not include any additional fees such as admission, room, board, health insurance, food, books, supplies and other costs. These rates are strictly tuition. But even that can rack up. Each year, tuition costs typically rise by a small percentage, so these are rates that apply to the fall and spring term of 2015-2016. We assumed the student attending was an in-state, full-time, graduate student. All other exceptions are included under each specific school.

We hope you find our list of 11 most affordable journalism schools in the US helpful. Aspiring Journalism majors are encouraged to use their writing skills to comment with any feedback.