11 Most Affordable Countries to Live in Asia in 2015

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Get the most out of your money by staying at these 11 most affordable countries to live in Asia in 2015. There are many reasons for traveling and living in another country. One may be interested in the culture, a better working opportunity, or even because of the low cost of living. The amount of money you are struggling with today could already be a comfortable state in another country. Countries in Asia remain generally appealing because of the low costs and the diversity in culture. This is why a lot of foreign nationals are making decisions to invest and stay in these countries.

With that said, there are numerous countries that we may not be aware about that offer generally lower prices compared to a lot of places in the world. This is not only limited to Asia but you may even find your own slice of paradise in a different side of the world. You can find out more about this in our list of 7 Most Affordable Countries to Live and Retire in the World. A lower cost of living can help a lot of people as it provides more space and comfort giving one more financial resources for any other expenses needed.

Insider Monkey has compiled and made a ranking based on a study done by Numbeo with regards to cost of living. The latest data was updated just middle of this year and features the general cost of goods as well as rent in comparison to the prices of New York. We also consulted with sites such as Price of Travel and MoveHub to give you a more accurate depiction of the cost of living in these countries. Let’s find out more as we check the 11 most affordable countries to live in Asia in 2015:

11. Vietnam

74.5% Cheaper than New York Cost of Living

One thing that may attract you to Vietnam compared to their neighbor Thailand is the relatively cheaper prices of alcohol and nights out. Prices here vary though they are generally cheap. You have to exercise caution though as crime is still prevalent in poverty-ridden areas.

Most Affordable Countries to Live in Asia in 2015 - Vietnam

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